Ankle Op

After waiting for 2 years for the NHS to fix it for me, the day finally arrived. Arriving at UCL Hospital at 7am to begin operation prep having eaten/drunk nothing for 8 hours led to a speedy check-up, general anaesthetic at 0930, woke up raving to imaginary music from the operation at 1130 and discharged from the hospital at 1330. The NHS really is getting efficient!

WiFi on the Tube

Tube speed test

It’s happened, we are now starting to be able to use WiFi on the tube in London thanks to TFL and Virgin working together and it is far from slow!

The first stations to get the new and free (until the Olympics are over!) service are the central London portion of the Victoria line, but during the summer, the majority of the centre of London will have coverage.

Also, due to the gap between stations being relatively short (about the length of an audio track…) streaming Spotify¬†on my commute home was perfectly doable!

So for now, hats off to TFL and Virgin, but I dread to think what the Pay as You Go charges will be once the free service offering is over…

Mashup Day: Project Steel Hammer

Last Friday, we had a mashup day at work – a day where groups of techy people get together to attempt to make something workable within a day. My groups concept was simple – create a tool to allow integration of the virtual with the physical – specifically when dealing with a mix of JIRA (requirements tracking tool) and a physical Kanban wall.

My team created a solution for adding QR codes onto cards representing requirements printed from JIRA (this was achieved using a Google Chrome Extension using a content script to inject JQuery into the print page), and then using a phone to read those QR codes for updating JIRA easily from a physical card wall (developed using PhoneGap and the Android SDK).

The Chome Extension can be found here.

Throughout the day, the team were photographing the process and Instagramming the pics as we went – we thought it gave the project a touch of class…

Side bar in posts

Managed to enable side bars in posts with the Twenty Eleven theme using the documentation provided here by Chris Aprea.

Not too complicated, quick addition to single.php to include the sidebar function and some changes to style.css to shift the layout around for .single classes to allow space for the sidebar on the right.


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